The Golden Handcuff Project

For many years before my mother passed away in 2010, I asked her to create a little book of all of her sayings and her favorites in life.  Her name was Enid.  She loved to laugh, cook, eat, travel, garden, and really participate in life.  Above all, she loved to help other people.  By profession, my mother was a child psychiatrist, by life’s passion, my mother was a hero to children everywhere.

There is no secret that I was a smidge rebellious.  Not the kind that skipped school,  or did drugs, but the kind that was always starting some ridiculous petition, or taking an inconvenient stand on some issue I didn’t agree with.  My mother and I, both Aquarius often locked horns …literally! And by virtue of  the meeting of two great minds, many colloquialisms were used and created.

The Golden Handcuff Project.  My mother always told me that I must unlock the golden handcuffs to truly be free and successful.  I went through many renditions of this in my head, and didn’t really understand why ANYONE would remove anything made of gold!  It was only after she passed and I had my own child, that I began to understand that it could only be ME allowing myself to be “handcuffed” to things that made me comfortable.  Well, complacent really.  I was naturally good at many things, charismatic, have always had many friends and enjoyed success in many areas. In love, life, and career.

It wasn’t  until my life was thrown under a microscope and I was globally discussed, that I realized … I could have it all AND change the world.  Sometimes you need to be uncomfortable to affect change in yourself.  I realized that all the career, financial, and personal successes, were wonderful, but they were LIMITED.  Simply by me being comfortable.

Now as I rebuild, I am stronger and better than ever.  I am a better mother, friend, sister, aunt, daughter, girlfriend, HUMAN BEING, than I ever was before.  Some times you gotta lose it all to gain more than you ever dreamed of.  I unlocked my Golden Handcuffs.  My wish is for you to do the same! 

Golden Handcuffs




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  1. Marissa Land
    Aug 26, 2014 @ 18:44:42

    Yaaaaas! “I am a better mother, friend, sister, aunt, daughter, girlfriend, HUMAN BEING, than I ever was before.” TRUTH. I’m so proud of you, mama.

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    • alexwright8
      Aug 26, 2014 @ 19:13:11

      Well it’s also because of beautiful, strong, loving, friends and family like you. Not to mention my Warrior Moms. You are a goddess and an inspiration. The definition of a true friend. 💕💕💕

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