The Present Is Our Gift

Lao Tzu

Friends, I’m so glad you decided to share this sentiment and this moment with me.  I am ever so appreciative of all the support Nixon and I receive from around the globe and I never want to miss a positive note or let someone go un-thanked.  I begin from a place of gratitude and love.  Thank you!

That said, it isn’t always easy to stay in the present.  My head gets clouded with thoughts of “what’s next…” and “I should’ve…”.  Each day as we work toward a more conscious self, we become more aware of the roads we have traveled, where we are, and of course, where we are going.   I shake it off and remember that it is only this moment that counts, and my choice to love, and to give, are ever present, as the current moment is always … well … current.

Living in that realization, I know I can create a string of perfect moments, that together, in essence create a powerful and meaningful existence.  An existence without fear or regret, an existence that constantly moves forward and actively participates in helping the greater good of me, my family and “us” as a collective.  This is when I am at my best.  It is when you are at your best as well.  Don’t let darkness cloud the light that you already are.  Focus on the positive messages consistently showing themselves to you.  The energy of goodness is always around, the challenge is to constantly choose goodness.

Each day, as I give more of myself by living in my truth and supporting others (remember reciprocity is important), I am moved by the generosity and loving spirits that support me and give me the encouragement to let my voice be heard.  From the effervescent Barry Jordan, Jr., who has penned fantastic children’s books “Grandma Can I Get A Dog” and “Mom! What’s That,” to my folks “across the pond” in the UK that stand strong with Nixon and I in the media. As I remain open, the more love envelops me. I mustn’t forget my Canadian family, I am so proud to have dual citizenship.  Canadians are open and loyal.   I find respite there and in the hearts of the people who live in my sister country.

It is that love and support that enables me to continue to reach out and help others.  My challenges are far from over, and Nixon’s are just beginning.  I repeat to myself over and over “To move forward, keep giving back”.  I have bad days, I have sad days, there are days I just want to cry and ponder the past or wonder about the future.  I know to be kind to myself, honoring my journey … honoring my spirit.  I am doing the best I can and I am proud to be who I am.  My son lives in a strange and alternate universe and my heart aches for him to have a normal existence, however, we all live a strange existence and we are all trying to find our place.  We are all striving to find a place of comfort and acceptance within our day to day lives, which leads us to rue the past or ponder the future.  No one person is any better nor different, than any other person. Some journeys are simply just more visible. Shedding fear and embracing courage, we can all affect change and make things better for those around us and ourselves at the same time.  Accountability, compassion, and an open heart are the only components that are able to differentiate the outcomes

That is exactly why the present is a gift.  It is given and renewed over and over.  The present is the continuum that is everlasting and it is the only true space where we can love, create, sing, dance, manifest and meditate.  It is the present that makes us ever powerful, it is the present that is already full of the electric energy lighting the path for us to see our way forward in the exact way we are meant to. The gift of “the present” cannot be re-gifted, nor recreated.  It is something we must embrace now.

I am so proud of you and know you are loved.  You are not called to be perfect, you are only called to “BE”.  You are more than enough, you are powerful and strong, you are beautiful, and you are unique.  There is no comparison, there is no grass that is greener.  Whether you are looking back or looking forward, stop to unwrap the gift that is eternally given to you … the present.


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