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Over the past 18 years, Ms. Wright honed her skills and carved her own niche in what was rapidly becoming an antiquated system of marketing tactics.

As time went on, she worked more and more celebrities and corporations to extend their brand visibility, increase revenue streams, reinvigorate careers, and set new standards for the industry. Ms. Wright had great relationships with many people, but while working with Eddie Van Halen and his Frankenstrat guitars, logo, Van Halen’s unpublished library of music, and the EVH brand, she was recruited by Microsoft to create inroads and open dialog between the technology and entertainment worlds making both cool, current and connected.

She moved back to Seattle to work on Microsoft’s Entertainment and Lifestyle Marketing team and quickly found success she had not even imagined. Her first week back in Seattle, she was given the privilege of handling Bill Gates’ PR for the launch of Zune as well as all PR and strategy for Corporate Vice President, J. Allard.

Three months into her tenure at Microsoft, she was selected to deliver a series of Key Note speeches with Steve Ballmer relating to entertainment and technology, something that had never been done before. The Key Note speeches received great reviews and her career skyrocketed.

She built many new inroads and programs while at MS including a Legends Program, working with Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Eddie Van Halen as well as many others. She was also called to pitch in on Microsoft’s entire entertainment and corporate initiatives and be part of their over-all entertainment/technology efforts to help redefine MS as a “Lifestyle Brand,” and soon had a strong hold of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Technology programs leaving her indelible mark.She considers herself bi-lingual, translating from one entity to another, Entertainment to Corporate and vice versa.

Via the massive amount of coverage and visibility from her efforts at Microsoft, Ms. Wright began getting offers from many companies, corporations, and personalities to brand, rebrand, and build strategic brand alliances and partnerships. She took a leap of faith and left Microsoft and ventured out on her own, as a Strategic Marketing and Branded Entertainment Expert. She immediately landed a contract with Nokia’s International team. She went on to head many national and international teams with their initiatives and brand integration. As an International Consultant for corporations including, Nokia, Dell, General Foods, Target, Best Buy, Pepsi, X Games, Nike, Reebok, Sega, Activision, Altech, Converse and many more her visibility and demand for her expertise grew. Her celebrity and Executive clientele expanded exponentially as well with a highlight of putting Stevie Wonder with The Dalai Lama for The Dalai Lama’s movement called “The Missing Peace.”

Ms. Wright has been a part of the Branded Entertainment arm of ICM, pitching in with other agencies and their branding teams including CAA and William Morris. While at ICM, the Branded Entertainment Department, responsible for the entire agency client roster, inked strategic partnerships for Ellen Degeneres, Chris Brown, Kate Walsh and Chris Rock and deals for many others that that were previously not thought possible nor thought of at all. From Paul Allen to Simon Cowell and X Factor’s integrated branding strategy, Ms. Wright adds her sparkle, innovation, passion, resources, thorough understanding of her discipline, and a tiny bit of her magic to each project she lends her talents to and has enjoyed unparalleled success in the Corporate and Entertainment worlds.

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